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Waconda Springs

Address: now under water in middle of Waconda Lake
Cawker City, KS 67430
Telephone Number: 785.781.4470

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About this Exploration:

According to Indian legend, Waconda, a beautiful Princess, fell in love with a brave of another tribe.  The couple was prevented from marriage by a blood feud.  During a battle between the tribes, the brave fell mortally wounded into the waters the spring.  Waconda, grief stricken, plunged after him. The tribes believed her soul still lived in the depths, carried their sick to drink the healing waters. Here they celebrated their victories and mourned their losses, always throwing items into the spring for the Great Spirit.  
A sanatorium was built in later years by Dr. Abrahams and Dr. Bingesser where patrons would come for the healing waters and treatment.  
The mineral pool which was once Waconda Springs is just south of a Kansas State historical marker on U.S. 24.  Waconda Lake now covers these springs so rich in the area's history.   A replica has been erected close by the state park entrance six miles east of Cawker City.

contact info
Linda Clover
321 Maple St
Cawker City, KS 67430
Phone: 785.781.4470
City Clerk
804 Locust St
Cawker City, KS 67430
Phone: 785.781.4713
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