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Brome Capitol of Kansas

Address: 521 N Arizona Avenue
Holton, KS 66436
Telephone Number: 785.364.3004

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Jackson County's climate and soils team up for abundant production of bromegrass, as you will notice the hay bales on nearly every hillside as you drive the back roads.  Cool weather and over 35 inches of rain and the fertile Loess and Glacial till soils are conducive to bromegrass production.

Smooth brome (Bromus inermis Leyss) is a long lived perennial cool season grass introduced into the United States from Hungary in the 1880's. Come between haying times and you will enjoy the Kansas wind rippling through the green seas of this grass.

Bromegrass covers over 1/4 of the landmass in Jackson County. Not only is bromegrass a highly productive forage crop, but it is also beneficial for conservation issues.  The lush grass along the roadsides and waterways makes a perfect habitat for quail and pheasant, stops erosion, and filters nutrients and pesticides from run-off waters, thus ensuring a better quality of water in the streams and creeks.

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Lynne Wagner
105 W. 4th St.
Holton, KS 66436
Phone: 785.364.3963
Fax: 785.364.3963
Anna Wilhem
327 New York Ave.
Holton, KS 66436
Phone: 785.364.2087
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