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3-D Brick Mural

Address: 511 Main
Morland, KS 67650
Telephone Number: 785.627.3165

About this Exploration:

Photo courtesy Jack Curran

The bas relief mural made entirely of brick, at the Citizens State Bank, entrance is a true work of art. Bella Vista, Arkansas artist Jack Curran sculpted the mural to commemorate the local paleontology dig funded by National Geographic in the mid 1980s. Curran used past concepts of the plants, animals, and terrain found in the area eight to ten million years ago along with the modern day digger.
The creation process: The clay for the bricks is mined and then mixed with water in a pugmill. When it reaches the correct consistency, the clay is cut with wire that spins in a circle and placed on a pallet and hauled to the studio to be set up on an easel. The mural is sculpted from these "green units" then totally disassembled with each brick being numbered. Then they are in the kiln for 3 days being fired. When the brick cools, the mural is set up for inspection, then shipped to the job site. The bank's brick mural was sculpted and fired at Endicott Clay Products Company in Fairbury, NE.
While the dig site is hidden away on private property without access, the artifacts can be seen at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays.

contact info
Lindsay Bryant
511 Main
Morland, KS 67650
Phone: 785.627.3165
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