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The Townspeople

Morland, KS 67650

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Morland was originally known as Fremont, thought to be after General John C. Fremont, a noted explorer. People are are from many different places, mainly English, German, Scottish, and British descent. The town and people have been through a great deal over the years, showing how hearty the town remained.
Citizens and the town of Morland have been through name changes, booms, the depression, railway being built, a mill burning, businesses forming and changing hands. Throw in fires, the schools being built and unfortunately vacated, oil drilling, wars, the building of Antelope Lake, and the mysterious King Tut's Treasure Hunt.
Today, there are still many English, German, Scottish, and British descendents of the original settlers. There are also Latin, Italian, French, and Irish here. To this day everyone works together for a common goal.
The little daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs everyone faced everyday and the bigger ones every once in a while made the townspeople here stronger. They are very proud of what has become of Morland!
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