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I also agree with Sandy about checking out the town when you are in Victoria along with visiting the "Cathedral of the Pla...
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San Jose, CA.
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English Cemetery

Address: 100 Angus Drive
Victoria, KS 67671
Telephone Number: 785.735.2259

About this Exploration:

This location on the southeast edge of town became the final resting place for 18 Scottish and British pioneers who were some of the original members of the community of Victoria. They were part of the group of colonists organized by George Grant in 1873 to establish farms, build homes, cultivate the land and stock the plains with quality Angus cattle.

Many of the colonist were “Remittance Men”, who received monthly allowances from back home in England or Scotland. They were not accustomed to hard physical work and were not too interested in the manual labor of building homes, cultivating the soil and farming. Their main interests were sports, recreation, cricket and they also organized a hunting club. They found the pioneer life too extreme, and shortly after the death of George Grant in 1878, many of these noblemen returned back home to England. By the early 1880s only a few remained and the dream by George Grant of great English settlement in America had vanished.          



contact info
City Clerk - Mary Pfeifer
1005 4th St.
Victoria, KS 67671
Phone: 785.735.2259
Fax: 785.735.2260
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