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NC Kansas
Alton Explorations
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General Hiram Bull

Address: 602 Mill
Alton, KS 67623
Telephone Number: 785.984.2388
Second Telephone Number: 785.984.2364

Email Address: carolyngrand@ruraltel.net

About this Exploration:

Alton was originally named Bull City after General Hiram Bull when Bull and Lyman T. Early argued about who the town should be named after.  They flipped a coin and Bull won.

After Bull was gored to death by his pet elk, the town petitioned to rename the town Alton.

Bull is buried in Sumner Cemetery, one mile east and a quarter mile north of Alton.  Look for a round marble ball on top of a gravestone, which reads "killed by his pet elk."

contact info
Wilda Carswell
415 2nd St
Alton, KS 67623
Phone: 785.984.2341
Bill Williams
516 Nicholas
Alton, KS 67623
Phone: 785.984.2364
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