Get Rural Kansas - Come... and get it! Get Rural Kansas - Come... and get it!
Deeble Rock Garden

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Location: Marion
Location: Great Bend
Location: Great Bend
Location: Great Bend
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About: McPherson
"McPherson has one of best Court Houses that you will see anywhere in the midwest.The food was great also."
About: Coldwater
"The people in Comanche County is what draws us to the area. Everyone is very nice and want to get to know you. The lake..."
Grants Pass Oregon

About Us

"Rural Kansas: Come and Get It" is a project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation with support from statewide organizations listed under Partners.  Grant support from the Kansas Department of Commerce Travel & Tourism Division made this project possible.
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The project is designed to help keep rural communities viable by inviting the world to visit and "get" rural Kansas.  The Explorer Tourism concept makes sense for even the smallest of towns. 

NOTE: Due to our travels throughout the state to research for the new guidebook we have temporarily suspended classes. We are not sure of an exact date when we will hold classes again but will make the announcement through media releases and e-blasts.
For a rural community to be on this site, at least one representative must take a one-day class to learn about how to research for the content and how to populate the site.   Contact for information about those classes.  If you're rural, we'd love to have you on this site!

The belief is that there is a particular audience that loves visiting rural communities.  Referred to as Explorers, this audience loves to engage in the search, interact with locals, and make a difference.  Learn more!
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