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1870 School Bell

Address: 323 N Dacotah
Burlingame, KS 66413


About this Exploration:




This bell was hung March 18, 1870 atop the Lincoln High School on the hill west of main street, the first high school in Osage County.


The school became overcrowded and by 1926 a new Lincoln High School was completed west of Sumner Park.   The old school was abandoned, the bell, its clapper removed by  mischievous youth, hung silent until 1929, when it was placed  in the basement of the Schuyler school.


The 1936 eight grade class raised money to build a pedestal for the bell in front of the Lincoln School, and the project was completed in September of that year.


In 2001 the Lincoln Middle School was consolidated with the Burlingame High School and the old school building was sold.


Once again the old bell was moved into storage, its future uncertain.  Fred Diver, school board member, vowing to make it ring again, had a new clapper cast and built a temporary mount.  Fred presented the bell at the 2002 Alumni Banquet, and for the first time in 76 years the bell rang out.


This memorial was built with alumni contributions and support from friends of the community.


Dedicated to all who have passed through our doors – and all those yet to come......



















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