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Address: 412 Washington
Clyde, KS 66938
Telephone Number: 785.446.3300

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Clyde was established in 1866, making it the oldest city in Cloud County and, if not for J. M. Hagaman, it would also be the Cloud County Seat.

Upset with the citizens of Clyde over a business deal and vowing revenge, Hagaman drew up the city of Concordia on paper and presented this imaginary city as the best location for the county seat. Both Clyde and Concordia vied for title of county seat and an election was held.

Clyde and Lake Sibley lying north of the Republican River had a greater number of voters. Settlers living south of the river favored the Concordia location. Knowing an honest election would result in a win for the city of Clyde, Mr. Hagaman pulled a slick trick. He snuck a jug of whiskey into the Lake Sibley polling place causing those votes to be thrown out and resulting in Concordia winning the election and the permanent Cloud County Seat.

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City of Clyde
412 Washington
Clyde, KS 66938
Phone: 785.446.3300
Fax: 785.446.3300
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