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S.S. Rogers

Address: 7th and Western
Liberal, KS 67901
Telephone Number: 620.626.0170

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About this Exploration:

Water was so scarce in southwest Kansas during pioneer days that many ranchers and settlers felt justified in charging for it, to conserve the small supply and as partial recompense for the hours of toil that had gone into the tedious job of digging the well by hand. But at one ranch on the long trail, strangers were always welcome. When asked what the charges for water were, S.S. Rogers would reply, "Oh that's alright, water's always free here." Often as not, the reply was, "well, that's mighty liberal." 
Year after year this well, located just a mile west of the heart of downtown Liberal today, became known throughout the area. Plainsmen soon learned to speak of it as  'the liberal well," and finally simply as "liberal." So, when the government established a pony express office at the ranch house, it already had unconsciously been named.
The city has flourished and now has over 20,000 residents but the name Liberal and the spirit symbolized in the hospitality of the simple ranch home have remained. You'll find something--perhaps a quick interest in you and yours, an easy friendliness, a hospitality--that will make you want to visit over and over.

See a historical marker about Rogers and his liberal well at the west end of North Blue Bonnet Park, just east of the middle school at 7th and Western.


contact info
Liberal Convention and Visitors Bureau
1 Yellow Brick Road
Liberal, KS 67901
Phone: 800.LIBERAL or 620.626.0170
Fax: 620.626.0540
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