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Go Eat in the Basement!

Address: 307 West 2nd Street
Minneapolis, KS 67467
Telephone Number: 785.392.3491

About this Exploration:

Getting into the Blue Moon is a lot like getting into a prohibition speak-easy:
  • You have to know where to find it (enter from alley off Concord Street)
  •  You have to know when it is open (Friday nights only)
  • It's best if they know you are coming (reservations are recommended)
  • You have to know how to greet the guy by the door (nod, shake hands, or hug him if he was your doctor before he became the master of the grill)
  • The bartender is a big guy who could double as a bouncer
  • It is worth finding if you are hungry or thirsty!
Once inside, you go down a few cement steps with the ever-popular plumbing pipe railing. As your eyes adjust you will find a bar and tables beneath twinkling lights. Take a wooden bowl and fill it from the popcorn machine. The menu offers sandwiches to steaks. You can catch live music on the raised stage or grab the microphone for a karaoke session. If you can't have a good time here, you just aren't trying!
Okay...I admit it...I love this building:
  • I have seen that sign painted on the side of the building my whole life.
  • My father's grandfather was a tinsmith in this building.
  • The emporium side was Horner's Hardware Store. As a child, Jack Horner would let me go with him into the valley of the wooden bins to fill a tiny paper sack with nails for my father.
  • The John Henry Center side was a dry goods store. In addition to photos and stories left by my great-grandfather, I got  fabric sample books from later owners Lola and Dan Daniels. They were like extra grandparents and spoiled my siblings and me.
  • The weathered wooden door on Concord Street whispers stories of hard times, honest work, and good fun.
  • Warm brown rectangles of stone...what is not to love?

contact info
Minneapolis Area Chamber of Commerce
200 W. 2nd Street
Minneapolis, KS 67467
Phone: 785.392.3068
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