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This must be the finest city in NW Kansas. The prime rib at the Prairie Junction is excellent and the park is beautful!
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Morland Mysteries

Morland, KS 67650

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Morland has had it's fair share of mysteries, including:
* Gold in Graham County--Back in the days of the Indians, on the Solomon River, near Morland, either Spaniards traveling with a chest of gold OR a group of miners returning from California with a chest of gold were attacked (there are two different versions, both with the same outcome). The Indians unexpectedly attacked the group and it was decided to throw the chest full of gold into the river with intentions of retrieving it after the attack. Unfortunately, most of the men involved didn't survive and those who did thought they had better wait until it was safer. By the time safer rolled around, those living through the experience had passed on only to leave stories with family members. Few attempts to find the chest have been made but not successful due to the river changing course several times.
* 1929: The Forest "Shorty" Moran Disappearance--Shorty Moran was new to the Morland area in early 1929. He was reported as a "shadowy" character, a bootlegger, who had loose ties to an area family. In the early morning hours of March 26, 1929, several Morland residents noticed Shorty's headlights shining. He never came down from his Gideon Inn room to shut them off. The previous evening he was seen at a party and his whereabouts after are still in question. By him not shutting off his lights rose concern and after investigation and several speculations, he was officially declared dead with March 25, 1929 as the date some while after. He was survived by his wife and four children. Eight decades later an individual or individuals have kept the secret safe.
(taken from "Behold A Pale Horse-Graham County Stories of Tragedy by Lowell Beecher, copyright 2010)
UPDATE: Found in the Hill City Republican, May 16, 1929, was an article about charred bones found in a straw pile that had been burned in a mysterious way 12 miles northwest of Hoxie. The bones were believed to be human but charred beyond recognition. The article notes the wild stories about Moran's whereabouts had been false alarms up until now and hopes this is not how Moran met with such a fate.
* 1857: Battle of Solomon Fork--The exact location of this battle remains a mystery. The battle took place along the Solomon River in July 1857. It was led by Col. Edwin V. Sumner, who was a commander at Fort Leavenworth. His troops had been trying to subdue Cheyenne Indians. The troops began their trek in Sheridan County in late July where it was 500 of Sumner's troops against about 300 Cheyenne. Sumner later wrote that "The Indians were all mounted, and well armed.....their horses were fresh and very fleet and it was impossible to overtake many of them." In pursuit, troops killed nine Cheyenne and wounded several others while Cheyenne killed two troops and left eight wounded.
(taken from"
* The mystery of a gold nugget found in a turkey's craw after it's journey from Morland to Denver.......
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