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Clarence Audburn Gilbert

Address: 111 S. Main
Plainville, KS 67663
Telephone Number: 785.425.6881
Second Telephone Number: 785.203.0017

About this Exploration:

It may be one of the most visited buildings in Plainville, but few who enter the U.S. Post Office are aware of the memorial that graces the front of the building.  It is something that maybe only an Explorer will notice.
Clarence Audburn Gilbert was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and a Pioneer Air Mail Pilot, and a Plainville native.   On December 21, 1924, Gilbert died in a plane crash while delivering mail from Chicago to Omaha.   But there is more to the story than just another tragic crash.  
To know the rest of the story, visit the memorial in downtown Plainville.  And while you are at the Post Office, do your Explorer duty and buy a roll of stamps!!

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Roger Hrabe
115 N. Walnut
Stockton, KS 67669
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