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I also agree with Sandy about checking out the town when you are in Victoria along with visiting the "Cathedral of the Pla...
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St. Fidelis Church - Photo by Mitch Weber
St. Fidelis Church - Photo by Mitch Weber


Just as the railroad had a major impact on the town’s development, the completion of Interstate 70 in 1966 had a big impact on the physical development of Victoria. For over 30 years U.S. Highway 40 was the main east/west route through Kansas, which brought travelers right through downtown Victoria. With the interstate connecting on the north end, development began to move that direction.

Today, Victoria is a thriving and close-knit community that is a typical Kansas small town with a handful of downtown businesses, nice parks, quiet residential areas and an outstanding public education system. Because many of the residents are descendants of Catholic Germans from Russia, much of the community life centers around St. Fidelis Church, the main focal point of the community. The elementary school is within easy walking distance for many of the school children and the high school is just down the street. The variety of school events, sports and activities for the kids and families make Victoria a great place to raise a family.

Located right along I-70, Victoria is easily accessible to the travelers, but it doesn't have to be right off Interstate to be seen from miles away.  The twin steeples of the Saint Fidelis Church can be seen from miles away.  William Jennings Bryan dubbed St. Fidelis Church "The Cathedral of the Plains" when he visited Victoria during his presidential campaign on July 19, 1912.
When you are driving or walking through Victoria, you are sure to receive a friendly wave or a "how ya doin' " as you check out the many historical sites and tours that Victoria has to offer.  These tours include, of course the Cathedral, to the George Grant Memorial to the Union Pacific Gravesite. You will want to be sure to check out the local cuisine and the little specialty shops located downtown as well or maybe just pop into the local Co-op and see what life mysteries the locals are solving.
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contact info
City Clerk - Mary Pfeifer
1005 4th St.
Victoria, KS 67671
Phone: 785.735.2259
Fax: 785.735.2260
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