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Marc Lamoreaux

Address: 126 S Kansas
Waterville, KS 66548

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About this Exploration:

From France to England to Canada to  Kansas, the Lamoreaux family settled in Waterville in 1885.  To this founding family was born a son, Marc, Waterville's self-made historian. As a boy, he remembers the gypsies with the painted wagons, the horse traders and the Central Branch Railroad coming into town. 

As a young man he and his brother, John, started a construction company that is the oldest business in town with the same family name.  But what you want to ask Marc about is his ingenuity to build. He's built a full-sized steam engine, a "bigger than life-sized violin," a stagecoach, a civil war cannon, an airplane, a calliope and lots more. 

Marc talks history, recreates history and is Waterville's history. To arrange a visit with Marc, contact Fancy T's at 785.363.2515.

contact info
Ann Mann
112 E Hazelwood
Waterville, KS 66548
Phone: 785.363.2327
Fax: 785.363.2368
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