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Big Ed's Steakhouse

Address: 104 West Bressler
Bird City, KS 67731
Telephone Number: 785.734.2475

Latitude: 101.569
Longitude: 39.686

Email Address:

About this Exploration:

Whether you're looking for a large, mouth-watering steak, or just craving a big juicy hamburger...Big Ed's Steakhouse is a must! 
Steak is their specialty, but this steakhouse is quite unique from many others.  Here, the meat is never frozen.  All steak is freshly cut from the loin when you order it.  They use a special seasoning that has been passed on from the original owners, and to top it off, you can watch your steak cook as the grill sits right out in the open. 
The atmosphere itself is very unique.  In 1988, the original owner, "Big Ed," hired a very talented senior, Dale Wright, to do some various artwork on the walls and doors.  Besides the original art still there, you will also find a number of real wildlife mounts displayed throughout.
Between the food and the artwork you'll find within the restaurant, you'll truly enjoy your dining experience!

Open Monday-Saturday 5-10 p.m.

contact info
Bird City Century II Development Foundation
107 West Bressler / PO Box 593
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2556
Fax: 785.734.2536
City of Bird City
111 East Bressler Street
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2616
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