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Van Doren Park

Address: 102 North Rich Ave
Bird City, KS 67731


About this Exploration:

Renovations to Van Doren Park in Bird City were a multi-year project that started in 2005.  The majority of the renovations have been made, however, there are still changes and additions being made little by little.
With new grass, playground equipment, a new walking trail, renovated sand volleyball court, and new electrical, plumbing, lighting and sprinkler systems, the park is welcoming to Bird City residents and visitors.
Not only does the park have all new facilities to offer, it also has two WPA (Works Progress Administration) buildings that were built back in 1935 that have been very well maintained through the years.  The unusual stones used for these buildings came from outcroppings from the Beaver Creek and the Kuhrt Ranch quarry.
 The park was not built until 1935 due to lack of funds during the Depression.  It was built with WPA funds at the time the buildings were constructed.  The Van Dorens donated the land, hence the name Van Doren Park.

contact info
Bird City Century II Development Foundation
107 West Bressler / PO Box 593
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2556
Fax: 785.734.2536
City of Bird City
111 East Bressler Street
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2616
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