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Bird City Community

Address: U.S. 36
Bird City, KS 67731
Telephone Number: 785.734.2616

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About this Exploration:

In the 1880s cattlemen formed large cattle companies and used the land for grazing large herds. One of the largest cattle companies was the Northwestern Land Cattle Company. Partners of the Northwestern Land Cattle Company, realizing the need for a town, formed the Northwestern Town Site Company and purchased 160 acres of land in the center of section 36.
Since Benjamin Bird was the president of the newly formed company and a well-respected person in the community, the town Bird City was named. Although the community was named after him, Benjamin Bird was not born, did not die, and never resided here. Several avenues in the town were named honoring other members of the Northwestern Town Site Company, including Ketcham, Pen, Demick, Cave, Rich and Burr.
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contact info
Bird City Century II Development Foundation
107 West Bressler / PO Box 593
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2556
Fax: 785.734.2536
City of Bird City
111 East Bressler Street
Bird City, KS 67731
Phone: 785.734.2616
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