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Dane Gray Hansen

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Logan, KS

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Painting of Dane G. HansenDane G. Hansen, son of one of the founders of Logan, Kansas, was born and conducted business in the same city block where the Memorial Plaza stands today. Mr. Hansen was widely known and respected as a citizen leader, businessman, philanthropist, and Republican. He maintained a deep faith and love for Logan and all of western Kansas. Dane G. Hansen was born in Logan on January 6, 1883, of pioneer parents Peter and Alpha Gray Hansen.Photo of Hansen Office Display

Dane G. Hansen started business in 1905 by working with his parents in a large mercantile store. He later engaged in ranching, cattle breeding, and raising mules. Since most earth moving was done by mule teams at that time, he started his own business which evolved into road and bridge construction. The Hansen Construction Company ultimately developed into Logan's largest single industry, employing nearly 200 men in peak seasons.
Bronze Bust of Dane Hansen by Omer Knoll on display at the museum
With the discovery of oil in 1941, Hansen went into oil development and was among the largest independent operators in Kansas. Opting to work long and hard hours, Hansen's work habits were summed up best by his own philosophy which said:
"Anything you like becomes a hobby--and if it's a hobby, it isn't work."

When he became old enough to vote, Hansen took an active part in Republican Party politics. He commented, "I'll take any political job if there's no pay in it. My services are always free." His love for this country and great patriotism were widely known and respected, although he never sought nor desired to run for public office. As a personal friend of former United States President Dwight Eisenhower, Mr. Hansen was a member of the President's Commission on Intergovernmental Relations in 1954 and 1955 and a vice-president of the Board of Trustees of the Eisenhower Foundation.
'Photo of the Hansen Home
Civic minded, Hansen was vice-president and director of the Kansas Independent Oil and Gas Association, chairman of the Kansas Contractor's Association Pension Trust Plan, president of the Kansas Day Club, president and director of the First National Bank of Logan, and fulfilled many other organizational duties. Always having a heartfelt interest in children and young people, Hansen established the Dane G. Hansen Home in Wheat Straw by Marie and Martha VothHansen Boy Scout Reservation at Kirwin Lake and provided annual scholarships at the University of Kansas for graduates of Logan High School. Hansen was a member of the Methodist Church and all Masonic Bodies, including an honorary 33rd degree membership in Consistory.

Name of Photos:
1st left - Painting of Dane G. Hansen
1st right - Photo of Hansen Office Display
2nd left - Bronze Bust of Dane Hansen by Omer Knoll on display at museum
2nd right - Photo of Hansen Home
3rd left - Hansen Home in Wheat Straw by Marie and Martha Voth

You may find a display of Dane Hansen
in the Dane G. Hansen Museum. 

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