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Logan Explorations
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Lazarus Studio

Address: 408 W Logan
Logan, KS 67646
Telephone Number: 785.689.7514


About this Exploration:

Lazarus Studio in Logan Kansas, rolls with the hills under a big blue bowl of wide high sky and giant cottonwoods. Here an easier life style is still attainable and quiet spaces are not hard to find. Within this setting Deb Pipes has set up a workshop to practice narratives using paint, charcoal, mixed media as a writer would use pen and paper. 

The term "expressionist" is appropriate as paint and charcoal are superb mediums to push around and offer an excellent descriptive narration. The created "stories" do not need verbalizing and offer the viewer a chance to design their own conclusions. Deb Pipes' work in figurative is based on family photos as she researches the infrastructure the visual results becoming a synopsis. Her work with the abstract (or non-objective) is an exploration into painting for paints' sake and color relation.

This studio is open to the public by appointment.

contact info
Shirley Henrickson
110 W. Main
Logan, KS 67646
Phone: 785.689.4846
Fax: 785.689.4892
Donna Lowry
105 N. Douglas
Logan, KS 67646
Phone: 785.689.4334
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