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Going fishing at Wilson Lake,Kansas do not miss Lucas.The Garden of Eden is well worth the trip and the food is good also.
NC Kansas
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Garden of Eden

Address: 305 E. 2nd
Lucas, KS 67648
Telephone Number: 785.525.6395

Latitude: N39 03.485
Longitude: W98 32.102

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About this Exploration:

The Garden of Eden, a world famous outsider art environment built by retired Civil War Veteran S.P. Dinsmoor, has been a Lucas attraction since 1907. Mr Dinsmoor was 64 when he started work on the biggest project of his lifetime.

Over 150 three-story-high concrete structures tell Mr. Dinsmoor's views on politics and the Bible. The Crucifixion of Labor scene tells the story of how big business took over and how the common laborers were crucified by them.

The Cabin Home is made from Greenhorn Limestone which is found only in Central Kansas. The stone is the crust of an old seabed and was used by early settlers to build their homes, barns and fence posts because of the lack of trees in the area. Every "log" in the Cabin Home is full length, with the longest being 17-foot long and weighing about 21,000 pounds.

Mr. Dinsmoor wanted the inside of the Cabin Home to be an attraction of its own so every door and window are a different size and the trim around the doors is different in each room. He made the stairway railings and some of the doors from scraps of the redwood, oak and pine lumber used on the house.

Mr. Dinsmoor and his first wife are laid to rest in the 40-foot tall limestone log mausoleum in the backyard. His body can be viewed through the glass of his homemade cement coffin.

The Garden of Eden is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Open May-October daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; March-April daily 1-4 p.m.; November-February Saturday-Sunday 1-4 p.m.

Admission adults $6; children 6-12 $1; groups of ten or more adults $5 each; children $2.50.

contact info
Connie Dougherty
P O Box 186
Lucas, KS 67648
Phone: 785.525.6288
Fax: 785.525.6289
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