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SC Kansas
Stafford Explorations
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Stafford First United Methodist Church

Address: 218 W. Stafford Street
Stafford, KS 67578
Telephone Number: 620.234.5055

Email Address: staffordfumc@att.net

About this Exploration:


Open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. but best to call first.
On Sunday. Sunday school at 9:30 a.m.; worship service at 10:45 a.m.
Whether one is interested in worshipping in beautiful places or simply motivated to visit due to the unusual architecture, a refreshing surprise is in store for anyone entering this special place.  The church was built in 1927 and was designed by architect Don Schuler.  Mr. Schuler not only worked for the famous architect Frank Llyod Wright, but he incorporated Mr. Wright's design style into this building. 
The exterior of the building was deliberately built in a English Collegiate Gothic style to represent the secular outside world.  At first glance, the building may not appear to be a church at all.
Once inside the church, the feeling of reverence is overwhelming.  This is where Frank Lloyd Wright's design influence becomes most obvious and the intended effect of entering a world much more beautiful than the secular life outside the building becomes apparent.  The dark, detailed walnut woodwork at the altar, pews and organ screen, and the impressive balconies, are all bathed in yellow light from the ceiling above. 
The ceiling, perhaps the most eye-catching portion of the sanctuary, follows Wright's belief that "light is the beautifier of the building."  The massive ceiling is accented by 36 stained glass boxes termed "sunlight glass" that projects a mellow yellow light throughout the building; yellow light has historically represented Jesus as the Light of the World. 
The total effect of yellow light from above, the impressive woodwork, and magnificent open space all dramatically provide the intended effect of a most sacred place.   
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Methodisth Church exterior

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