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The B&B was great and the OLD city jail is very interesting.Fishing was also great.
NC Kansas
Wilson Explorations
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I-70 Lighted Cross

Address: 9th Road and Avenue C
Wilson, KS 67490
Telephone Number: 785.658.2328
Second Telephone Number: 785.658.2251

Email Address: jkraus@wtciweb.com

About this Exploration:

Between the I-70 exits of Vesper (216) and Sylvan Grove (209), on the south side of the highway, interstate travelers have seen a guiding light every night since 1976.  The late Gerald Klema, designer of the cross, with help from folks around Wilson, built and erected this 60-foot steel cross containing 44 light bulbs. 

Amazingly, this structure looks like a cross from any direction you view it.  The cross-bars are pipes welded in the shape of a horizontal octagon with a row of lights around it.  Mr. Klema originally used a vertical broom stick and suspended a horizontal bushel basket ring to it.  He then added Christmas lights to see if his idea would work.  It did!  The Lighted Cross stands near Excelsior Lutheran Church.


contact info
Jeanne Heki
115 22nd Street
Wilson, KS 67490
Phone: 785.658.2225
Fax: 785.658.2225
Joyce Kraus
310 32nd Street
Wilson, KS 67490
Phone: 785.658.2328
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