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The B&B was great and the OLD city jail is very interesting.Fishing was also great.
NC Kansas
Wilson Explorations
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Eschbaugh Advertising and Prairie Pallet Studio & Gallery

Address: 3945 205th Rd
Wilson, KS 67490
Telephone Number: 785.658.2105

Email Address: seschbaugh@wtciweb.com

About this Exploration:


If you are lucky enough to be driving around on country roads and come upon this handsome building resembling a railroad depot, you have found the Prairie Pallet Studio & Gallery.  It is one unit on the grounds at the Eschbaugh farm, where you will also see a beautiful two-story white home and thriving printing business, Eschbaugh Advertising.

The late George Eschbaugh salvaged Dakota sandstone from Wilson's old depot that was destined for demolition in the early 1980’s.  He had it reconstructed stone-by-stone south of his house, to resemble the original depot. Many think that is the end of the story, but there is more.  The Dakota sandstone from the Wilson Union Pacific Depot that was built in about 1878 had been hauled to Wilson, by train, from Fort Harker in Ellsworth.  It had been the Fort Harker Military Hospital during the Civil War.  When the government decommissioned the Fort after the Civil War, the hospital was disassembled and the stone was hauled to Wilson for their depot.  

Mr. Eschbaugh, more commonly known as George, was a history buff, an artist, silk screener, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.  The new “old depot” is now a gallery containing many of his works, and a hunting lodge for friends and business associates.  An addition built in early 1990’s houses offices for Eschbaugh Advertising.

Many people in business who need custom printing, decals or banners know of Eschbaugh Advertising.  It is one of the area’s larger employers, with customers across the U.S. and abroad.  Delivery trucks often miss it, however, as Eschbaugh's is tucked away behind the trees a half-mile west of town and half-mile north of K-140 on the Ellsworth-Russell county line.  The sanded road is marked by a green north/south Ellsworth County sign indicating 1st Road, but Eschbaugh's is in Russell County.  It is confusing that their address is 3945 205th Road!

Son, Steve, now runs the printing business.  Tours can be arranged with prior notice.  Steve would be happy to show you around if he is available.

contact info
Jeanne Heki
115 22nd Street
Wilson, KS 67490
Phone: 785.658.2225
Fax: 785.658.2225
Joyce Kraus
310 32nd Street
Wilson, KS 67490
Phone: 785.658.2328
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