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Historic Koester Block

Address: 10th & Broadway
Marysville, KS 66508
Telephone Number: 785.562.3101
Second Telephone Number: 800.752.3965

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About this Exploration:

Directions:  From U.S. 36 & 77 Junction, go south 1 block (very short block).  Turn west.  The Koester Block is immediately on your left.
Hours:  The Koester Block is always open outside.  See Koester House Museum, restaurant and businesses for their hours. 
Admission:  There is no charge to take a walk through the historic block and view the outside of the beautiful buildings and the park.

The focal point of the rick tapestry that is Historic Marysville is the Koester Block - a square of commercial and residential buildings that today houses businesses, residences, a restaurant, a park and a museum.
Bronze lions guard the entrance to the Koester House Museum that was built in the early 1870s.  The museum retains much of its original decor and furnishings.
There are four other buildings in the block - a two-story brick structure with oriel windows and a facade with seven arched bays; an 1880s three-story brick structure that features cast iron columns, stone quoins and ornamental cornices; a two-story 1929 buff brick building that was the home of Montgomery Ward's first retail store; and a buff brick new Koester House built in 1904-06 that today houses a restaurant.
A park is situated in the southwest corner of the block, which includes a gazebo, picnic table and Santa/multi-purpose house.

contact info
Brenda Staggenborg
101 North 10th Street
Marysville, KS 66508
Phone: 785.562.3101
Fax: 785.562.3101
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