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Black Squirrel City

Address: 10th & Oak
Marysville, KS 66508
Telephone Number: 785.562.3101
Second Telephone Number: 800.752.3965

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Where are they?  The best place to find black squirrels is in the City Park, which is 3 block south of the U.S. 36 & 77 junction.

Be on the lookout when driving around town, for the black squirrel has the right-of-way on all streets, alleys and railroad crossings.  The fine is $25 for harming one!
How did black squirrels come to be in Marysville?  The most likely explanation involves a traveling carnival that passed through town in the 1920s.  Among the carnival exhibits was a cage of black squirrels.  One night a child opened the cage and the squirrels escaped.  Whatever the reason for their presence in Marysville, residents and passersby seem to love them.
On August 28, 1972 the governing body of the City of Marysville passsed legislation protecting the black squirrel and making it the official town mascot.  It has the freedom to trespass on all city property, immunity from traffic regulations and the first pick of all black walnuts growing within the city.


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Brenda Staggenborg
101 North 10th Street
Marysville, KS 66508
Phone: 785.562.3101
Fax: 785.562.3101
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